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An all-inclusive, luxury senior living facility
located in Hartland

The community is nestled in-between residential properties, featuring stunning views that feel like home. Our gorgeous suites come in various sizes and offer many amenities. Our highly qualified staff promote the highest level of care and individualization assistance. Exciting life enrichment programs are happening daily. We invite you to come to visit our community and see what makes Serene Gardens so unique.
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Assisted Living at Hartland, MI
Assisted Living
at Hartland, MI

Assisted Living in Hartland, MI

Serene Gardens of Hartland offers a welcoming and enriching assisted living experience for its residents. With a commitment to promoting independence and enhancing quality of life, this facility provides a supportive and caring environment that feels like home. Residents at Serene Gardens of Hartland enjoy a range of personalized services tailored to their individual needs.

Our assisted living program is designed to provide residents with the assistance they require while preserving their dignity and autonomy. Highly trained staff members are available around the clock to help with daily tasks such as medication management, grooming, and mobility, ensuring that residents can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. The facility’s comfortable living spaces and communal areas are thoughtfully designed to foster social connections, encourage engagement, and create a sense of community.

Additionally, Serene Gardens of Hartland emphasizes the importance of residents’ well-being, both physical and emotional. Nutritious meals, wellness programs, and a variety of activities are offered to promote overall health and happiness. The staff values open communication with residents and their families, working collaboratively to ensure that individual preferences and needs are met.

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