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An all-inclusive, luxury senior living facility
located in Clarkston

Our community is nestled in the picturesque town of Clarkston, MI. This building has a pleasant upscale touch, while still feeling just like home from the minute you walk in. Our rooms come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from a studio to a two bedroom. You have the choice to view our natural tree line, where it’s not uncommon to look out and see wildlife or our cozy and inviting courtyards.

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Activities at Serene Gardens of Clarkston
at Serene Gardens of Clarkston

Keeping residents Active

At Serene Gardens, we do more than care for your physical needs. We truly care about your mental well-being and will do everything in our power to see the environment you’re living in is as inviting and homelike as possible.

Our goal for our residents is for them to live as independent of a life as possible. But when they need help, be it a few times a day, or a few times an hour, we’ll be there ready to assist. Below are just some of the services we provide for our residents.

Assisted Living

Life Enrichment

Life enrichment at Serene Gardens is a vibrant tapestry of experiences that adds depth and vitality to the lives of our residents. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a nurturing environment that fosters personal growth, social connections, and a sense of purpose.

Through a carefully curated calendar of activities, residents can explore a diverse range of interests, from art classes that unleash their creativity to fitness programs that invigorate their bodies. Engaging lectures and discussion groups stimulate intellectual curiosity, while musical performances and dance sessions ignite the soul with joy. 

We believe that life at Serene Gardens is not just about aging gracefully but about thriving in every season of life, surrounded by friends who become like family. We take pride in enhancing the quality of life for our residents, ensuring that each day is an opportunity to learn, laugh, and celebrate the richness of their experiences.

Our All-inclsuve services

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